Join the ARKathon Mod Contest with $350,000 in Prizes

Calling all ARK modders and game studios! Create and publish your best ARK: Survival Ascended mods for a chance to win big!

Submissions start on December 5!

Watch the announcement video Watch the announcement video
Option 1

Modders Track

Aimed at individual modders -
create captivating maps, dinos, structures, and more!

8 winners will share $50,000


Contest categories

Everything else


How to enter

Download the dev kit to create
and upload your mod

Learn more about the Modders Track
Track Modder
Option 2

Studios Track

Aimed at game studios - dream big and bring your original content and IP to ARK:SA

3 studios win $100,000 each


For Premium
DLC-level mods


How to enter

Submit a concept video. Showcase your
vision and team. Bonus points for a
playable demo

Learn more about the Studios Track
Track Modder
December 5, 2023


March 10, 2024

submissions end

March 12 - March 20, 2024


March 22, 2024

ARKathon winners

Character Character Glow

Help decide who will win!

Not a modder? You could still take part in the ARKathon's grand finals by voting for your favorite mods and DLC videos, to decide the "community's choice" winners.
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Learn more about developing for ARK:SA
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Hi! We are CurseForge

The world’s largest mod hub for games such as Minecraft, World
of Warcraft, The Sims™ 4, and many more. With the long-awaited launch of ARK: Survival Ascended, we have partnered with Studio Wildcard to bring ARK players the next generation of user-generated content experiences.

Our mission in this partnership is to empower the ARK modding community and enable players to access more, better mods and enjoy an endless supply of quality content. 

At CurseForge, it's all about the creators; we champion modders
at every phase of their creative journey, ensuring a platform where modding is not just a hobby but it’s a profession. Join the CurseForge community today!

Game characters
  • 50 B


  • 1.2 B


  • 20 M+


  • 231 K


Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Modders - yes. To participate in the Modders Track, modders need to publish their mods to CurseForge. While modders can use the dev kit and build mods without a CurseForge account, once you want to publish your mod, you must sign in with a CurseForge account.
    For Studios - no. To participate in the Studios Track, studios only need to send over a “kickstarter-like” video explaining their vision and team.

  • Cross platform. Participation in both the Modders Track and the Studios Track, is only eligible for cross-platform mods.

  • In the Modders Track there will be a total of 8 winners - 3 maps will win $10,000 each, and 5 “everything else” mods will win $4,000 each.
    In the Studios Track there will be 3 total winning studios, with each winning a $100,000 development grant.
    For more info on winners, prizes, and judging criteria - please view the full terms

  • For each track, a panel of judges from Studio Wildcard and CurseForge will select finalists - then put them up for community voting.
    The top voted map, top voted “everything else” mod and top voted studio will win their respective prizes, and the rest of the winners will be selected by the panel.
    For more info on winners, prizes, and judging criteria - please view the full terms

  • Community voting will be done on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter).
    Once finalists have been selected, CurseForge will publish a unique tweet for each finalist. To cast your vote, you’ll need to like that finalists’ CurseForge tweet. All finalists' tweets would also be accessible from the CurseForge voting hub page.
    There is no limit to how many finalists you can vote for, but a valid X account is needed to take part in the community voting.

  • You can join our dedicated Discord, or visit our ARK authors knowledge center.

  • Yes. You have to be of legal age of 18+

  • No. you can join the studio track as a small team with a minimum of three people working full time on the project. Studio track teams are expected to create a DLC level mod which creates a whole new experience in the game with high quality assets

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